RELAXING THERAPY: A full range of hair care, skincare and spa treatments inspired by Himalayan spirit helps you totally relaxing when recovering from bad effects
Mineral bath                                                        30 minutes - VND 100.000
Shampooing                                                        30 minutes - VND 200.000
Himalaya salt stone sauna                                   30 minutes - VND 250.000
Hair blowing                                                       30 minutes - VND 200.000

LOCALLY INSPIRED: Curated for your personal well-being
75 minutes - VND 900.000
105 minutes - VND 1.500.000
  •       QI BALANCE: A deeply relaxing routine choreographed to release blockages along pathways to improve overall sense of well-being.
  •       STONE MYSTIQUE: A spiritual connection to the earth energy awakens the inner fire encouraging renewal from within.
  •       KA HUNA WISDOM: A rhythmic wavy strokes to soothe your body, calm the mind and facilitate the discovery to 7 secrets to living fully: BE Aware, BE Free, BE Focused, BE Here, BE Confident, BE Positive and LOVE.

FLC signature: The way to wellness
30 minutes - VND 350.000
60 minutes - VND 500.000
90 minutes - VND 700.000

  • RELAXING TREATS - Just breath: Aroma therapy, Golfer's tee break, Deep tissue
  • AESTHETICS - Camera ready: Face care, Body care, Hand & foot.
  • PAMPERING TREATS - 2 therapists, 1 intention: Be spoke duets.
  • ENERGIZING TREATS - Power up: Reflexology, Table Thai.
  • ALL IN THE FAMILY - Bonding moments: Yoga, Sparty, Power of touch


The thought of having an indulgent spa day is enough to give you a tingling vibrancy to your entire body. Enjoy a wide variety of healing and relaxing services offered passionately for deep relaxation, including massage, body & energy works, a full range of skin care and spa treatments in a serene setting.

Our mission is to always provide proper cares and treatments to your body and mind during your stay
at FLC Luxury Resort Vinh Phuc.


A dry sauna with Himalayan salt offers a negatively ionized air, which improves your physical well-being as well as increases stress resistance. Sitting in Harmony Spa’s Himalayan Salt stone sauna relaxes your body physically and psychologically, improves mood, detoxifies body, and strengthens immune system.



     • Basic facial
     • Customized facial
     • Stress relieving facial
     • Oxygenation facial
     • Powerful surface peeling facial
     • Acne-clearing facial treatment



     • Herbology body polish
     • Mud body mask


     • Shiatsu style
     • Swedish style
     • FLC Luxury Resort Vinh Phuc’s unique style
     • Body massage with hot stone
     • Reflexology
     • Other packages


     • Facial treatment
     • Facial care & eye treatment
     • Relaxing with heat revival therapy
     • Therapeutic touch
     • Spa overall packages
     • Body spa & therapy
     • Hand and foot treatment
     • Pedicure & manicure
     • Waxing
     • Hair washing
     • Hair styling
     • Foot massage
     • Mineral bath
     • Milk bath
Schedule an appointment
To ensure your preferred time and service, please contact our Spa receptionist for a reservation.

Arrival time
Please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment to relax and experience spa facilities.

Opening hours: 09:00 – 23:00


Address: Trung Area, Highway 13, Vinh Thinh, Vinh Tuong, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam
Hotline: (+84) 97 774 9889