FAM is a unit specializing in producing and trading agricultural products, commodities and services for agriculture, focusing on two main areas of activity are agricultural production and business.

In the field of production, FAM focuses on the cultivation of food crops, ornamental plants, short-term industrial crops; raising livestock and poultry; agricultural processing; Production of fertilizers, pesticides.

With farms spreading across the country such as Vinh Phuc, Thanh Hoa, Binh Dinh, FAM brings to the market abundant agricultural products, diverse, regional characteristics, providing seasonal vegetables and fruits around year.

In the field of business, besides the activities of importing and exporting agricultural products, trading in fertilizers and pesticides, FAM also provides plants and animals with high productivity and good quality. Supporting farmers in farming methods, advanced cultivation technology and animal husbandry.

With a large scale farm with modern equipment and technology, FAM strives to become a leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing and processing agricultural products, with high quality goods, professional services. , contributing to building a strong agriculture, sustainable development

To build and develop FAM into a leading agricultural enterprise in Vietnam, to create a motive force for sustainable development of Vietnamese agriculture with high specialization, supplying goods of high quality and value. Large worth the expectations of consumers at home and abroad.

FAM is committed to providing customers with the region's best quality agricultural products for the health and safety of consumers

Partner unit
With the goal of "green development for long distance", FAM always determines actively to seize the opportunity, promote the expansion of investment cooperation with large enterprises in the country and internationally to apply the technology the most advanced production of cultivation, breeding, thereby creating added value, companion and development. Through this, FAM wants to confirm the true value of a sustainable brand in the market.

     Partner 1: Enterprises specializing in manufacturing and consulting the construction of hi-tech agricultural projects, supply of agricultural materials
     Partner 2: Enterprises specializing in agricultural production, import and export of agricultural products, supply of agricultural materials
     Partner 3: Building material trading companies
     Partner 4: System of resorts, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets across the country.